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"Is it SAFE for infant to take Tobradex (as nasal drops ) and Singulair pediatric for one month?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it SAFE for infant to take Tobradex (as nasal drops ) and Singulair pediatric for one month?


my daughter is 18 months , she has fluids behind the eardrum for more than 6 months due to recurrent ear infections ( from the nursery ) the hearing test is 40 and the Tympanometry is not normal ( not sharp peak almost flat) and also she has enlarged adenoids ( not stage 4) with all associated symptoms. the pediatric ENT doctor prescribed the tobradex ( 3 drops in each nostril fro 3 times daily ) and singulair (once daily ) for one month and if the medications didnt impreove the ear contiontion and the adenoid he wil insert the era tubes and remove the adenoid


Thanks for your question. With most medications, at least in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) goes through a stringent screening process to make sure that the drugs are safe. A panel of experts has to speak and determine what situations are appropriate for specific medications, and they are then able to release the medications and give them a specific indication. They are then felt to be safe when they are used in a specific fashion for a specific condition. Doctors can use these medications either for the specific condition approved by the FDA, or for other conditions, using their judgement. Obviously, the FDA makes mistakes, as do doctors who prescribe drugs. For that reason, it is important to understand the risks and benefits of taking any medication. In this specific instance, your doctor is attempting to utilize a drug (or drugs) that he or she feels will help your daughter avoid surgery. While the risks of these medications for a very young child may not be well known, it is obvious that surgery does carry some risks, and so the unknown risks of the drugs may be justified. Please speak with your doctor to clarify.

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