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"I suffer with excessive flatulence (25 - 30 times a day). Can it be cured?"

ZocdocAnswersI suffer with excessive flatulence (25 - 30 times a day). Can it be cured?


I suffer with excessive flatulance (25 - 30 times a day). Though I never eat spicy food but if If I eat a little bit spicy food then the flatulance increases and I get stomach cramps. My motions are always like loose motions accompanied with flatulance. I keep getting acnes and boils on the face which I believe is related to these stomach problems. Can it be cured? I am 36 year old male. I don't smoke and drink occasionly. I am not suffering from any major disease.


This is a good question. It is important that you make an appointment with your primary care doctor to discuss your symptoms and have a full history and physical. Depending on what your doctor discovers during your appointment, he or she may order additional testing such as blood work, stool samples, or imaging of your abdomen or they might decide to refer you to a gastroenterologist for additional evaluation. There are many causes for excessive flatulence. The first is diet. Try to cut down on gas inducing foods such as beans, cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and spicy foods. Also, soft drinks and fruit juices cause excess gas. Many "sugar-free" products such as candies cause excess gas as well. If you are taking any nutritional or dietary supplements check with your doctor if you should stop them as many of these can lead to excess gas. Chew your food slowly and avoid chewing gum as these can cause you to inhale extra air. Certain medical conditions can also lead to excess gas such as lactose intolerance (inability to digest dairy products, celiac disease (allergy to gluten), and irritable bowel syndrome. I would doubt that the acne is related to your bowel concerns. Again, make an appointment with your doctor to get a correct diagnosis.

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