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"Is this an allergic reaction or just a bug bite? And do I need to see a doctor?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this an allergic reaction or just a bug bite? And do I need to see a doctor?


Something touched/bit my ankle in my sleep and I must have reached down to scratch it because when I woke up my ring finger and pinky were a bit swollen and they both have a small bump on the right side where the first bendable section is. My ankle had two areas that had small bumps but the areas were swollen too because I had been scratching. I scratched it pretty badly then I went out for a day of walking and injured it since your ankle has to bend when you walk. So it ended up blistering. The two areas that blistered in a clumpy looking way are about the size of a dime no bigger than a penny. I have no symptoms that would cause alarm... they're just two painless (non-itchy) clumpy looking blisters.


Thank you for this interesting question and I recommend that you speak with your doctor. It is always hard to know what causes the sort of minor trauma that we are all accustomed to having on a regular but intermittent basis. While we will never know the exact cause of most of these, we can know how to treat them based on the amount of injury that occurs. For small, superficial, wounds that don't seem to have caused any larger problems, washing them with warm soapy water on a regular basis and dressing them as needed to prevent infection is probably appropriate in most cases. Some special exceptions include diabetics and those who have poor blood flow to their arms or their legs, or the body part that is affected. That is because these small wounds can become infected very easily, leading to much more significant long term problems that can occasionally require treatment as severe as amputation. For larger wounds or those that are not healing, speaking with your doctor is an important part of the treatment. This may seem to be the case in your situation. Please speak with your doctor about this question to get the help you need to feel better soon.

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