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"Could my wife be allergic to me?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my wife be allergic to me?


My wife and I practice an open marriage (safely) and as a result she has noticed that after only a few minutes of intercourse with me she gets a burning/chaffing feeling, but doesn't get it with any other partner. None of my other partners have said this was the case either. Is she allergic to me?


Unlikely, but I recommend that you speak with a doctor. First, it is difficult to safely engage in sexual intercourse with multiple partners by definition. If this is the lifestyle that you choose to live, then there are things that you can do to help be safe. While barrier methods of contraception offer enhanced protection against some of the common sexually transmitted diseases and can help to prevent pregnancy, they are not fool proof, and can result in unwanted side effects. With regards to the symptoms that your wife is describing, it is important to understand if there is anything different in your sexual activity such as using different methods of contraception (eg, a different brand of condoms). While that is a possibility, another likely possibility is that your wife could be having some difficulty with creating the lubrication necessary when she is sexually active with you. If anything is impairing that lubrication, then there is the possibility that chaffing could arise, and this can be uncomfortable. There are lubricants that can be helpful in these situations, and may help to relieve her symptoms. Despite that fact, it is important to speak with your doctor to make sure that there is no other cause. Also, regular testing for STDs will be important. Please speak with your doctor and suggest that your wife speak with hers as needed.

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