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"What could be causing a few dime sized spots on my body?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be causing a few dime sized spots on my body?


When they start they itch a little, then not. Eventually they become dry , and raised.


Rashes can be caused by a number of different medical conditions. It is important for a doctor to evaluate a rash in person so they can see and feel the characteristics of your particular rash. You may want to discuss some of the things below with your medical professional. One cause of rash is a reaction to something outside your body. These reactions can cause irritation, or something called a "contact dermatitis." Foreign objects may also cause a local allergic reaction. It is important to think about any new exposures, including new detergent, new shampoos/soaps or new clothing that you may have encountered prior to the onset of the rash. Another common cause of an itchy, dry rash is something called eczema. Eczema usually manifests itself on your arms or legs, but can be seen anywhere on the body. Other causes of rashes include psoriasis, a disease called lupus and reactions to certain medications. As some of these conditions can affect other parts of your body, it is important to receive a full evaluation by your doctor. Any rash needs to be evaluated and diagnosed in person by your doctor. I would recommend you consult with either your primary care doctor or a dermatologist.

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