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"I have intense pain in the neck and it is getting worse. What is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI have intense pain in the neck and it is getting worse. What is wrong with me?


In the lower part of my neck, there is a very sharp pain inside my throat. It's has been progressively getting worse. All I have done so far is drink water. Not totally sure of what could be going on considering I haven't done anything out of the ordinary


Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear about your suffering. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. First, it's important to clarify where the pain is located. Usually, pain in the neck refers to the spine and soft tissue surrounding the spine. Pain in the throat refers to the upper aerodigestive tract, where food and air share the same space for a brief period before separating. Pain in the neck can come from a number of sources, but often has to do with problems of the spine or the surrounding musculature. Pain in the throat can be more complex, as it can come from a number of different sources. If it begins to make swallowing difficult, as suggested by the fact that you have been drinking water more, it can be suggestive of a problem in the region of the pharynx. Sometimes tonsils can cause problems that can be relatively common, and sometimes that pain can be felt actually further down in the throat rather than just at the back of the throat. Other causes include the vocal cords, epiglottis, and base of tongue, among other regions. Depending on the other symptoms that you may or may not be feeling, your doctor should be able to help. Please speak with your doctor.

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