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"Will wearing my glasses improve my vision?"

ZocdocAnswersWill wearing my glasses improve my vision?


Hello, I recently discovered that I have -0.5 power in both eyes, making me slightly myopic. Thus, from now, I will have to wear glasses. However, my optician tells me that this is merely temporary. If I wear my glasses for at least six months, he tells me, about six hours per day, my eyesight will become normal again. My question thus, is that, is this correct? If so, what else steps can I take to restore my vision? Or will I become more and more dependent on my glasses? Also, should I wear my glasses while studying? I have no problem whatsoever in reading a book in front of me. So will wearing my glasses while studying spoil my eyes?


I recommend that you speak with your doctor again. It is generally considered that wearing glasses will not restore the native function of the eyes. Myopia is due to an abnormal shape of the eyeball, which leads to imperfect focusing of light rays on the posterior aspect of the eye. The abnormal shape of the eye is not improved with glasses, and is a common phenomena that happens as individuals age. However, the condition will stabilize in some individuals and progress over time in others. Therefore, some people can go many years with the same glasses prescription, while others may require different optics every several years. Wearing glasses corrects this imperfection of focusing light rays, and this will improve your vision. However, the more one wears his or her glasses, the eyes adjust to the correction and therefore when the glasses are removed, the vision may seem more blurry than it has prior to the use of glasses. If the glasses are removed for a sufficient period of time, the eyes and brain will readjust the vision close to its prior state. Wearing glasses while studying should be done if it improves your vision, and it will not spoil your eyes as the brain is capable of readjusting when the glasses are removed. When speaking with your eye doctor, it may be possible that a miscommunication occurred, and I recommend that you re-discuss the use of your glasses as your doctor knows your particular case and can provide you with the appropriate information and continued care.

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