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"I noticed that I am ejaculating brownish semen. What is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI noticed that I am ejaculating brownish semen. What is wrong with me?


Hello. About 4 months ago my sperm came out a dark reddish color with no pain. Ever since then it has gotten lighter about every week. Now it is a very light brownish color with red specks in it. However, I have now noticed that my semen does not shoot out like it is supposed to anymore, it kind of dribbles out of the tip. Also, I do experience some slight pain near the tip of the penis when erect and my penis opening pushes against an object when masterbating or when ejaculating. I have gone to the doctor and he said it's not cancer and I am a virgin so it can't be an STD. He said there's a possibility of a varicocele. Is it possible it is a broken blood vessel after all this time? The pain in the tip of the penis is what makes me think that. How much longer will this go on? How can I make this go away and have normal semen again. Is there some pills I need to take? I used to take doryx for my skin but I stopped about 2 months ago


If you are concerned about abnormal discharge during ejaculation from your penis, I recommend that you see a urologist, or your primary care provider or other healthcare professional for formal evaluation. There are multiple causes for abnormal discoloration of semen, some of which may be benign and others more severe. One of the more common causes is the presence of decomposing blood in the semen. This is due to bleeding into the genital tract, which can occur anywhere from the testicles and seminal vesicles, along the vas deferens which is the tract connecting the testicles to the urinary tract. Bleeding from the prostate and urethra are also possible. Based on your text, pain in the penis with manipulation may suggest traumatic injury to the urethral lining. This may be due to injury or repetitive irritation, as with excessive masturbation. Cessation from potentially traumatic activities such as masturbation and sexual activity until the pain and discoloration resolves may be of help. When blood decomposes the heme moiety of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying protein, results in the presence of darker red and brown colors, which is what you may be seeing in your ejaculate. It is important to make sure more sinister causes of bleeding are ruled out such as repetitive trauma to the testicles and penis, or damage to the prostate or urethral tract. Again, please speak with your urologist.

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