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"How can I help my father stop smoking? "

ZocdocAnswersHow can I help my father stop smoking?


Hes 46 smokes like a chimney is a diabetic and has copd and heart disease


To date, there are multiple treatment options to help individuals stop smoking, and I recommend you start by having your father see his primary care doctor or a healthcare professional for evaluation and consultation regarding smoking cessation. Broadly, there are four ways in which smoking cessation can occur. The first is through self regulated reduction over time or cold turkey. This approach has been shown to be poorly effective in most patients and is associated with a high relapse rate. A second approach is through the use of behavioral therapy. If your father is interested in this option, he can be appropriately referred by his doctor. A third possibility is the use of a nicotine replacements agents, either through gum, the patch or vaporizers. These have been shown to increase rates of cessation and reduce relapse relative to cold turkey. However, there is ongoing debate as to the potential health consequences of electronic cigarettes, or vaporizers. Finally, certain medications that augment neurotransmitter levels and neuroreceptors have been shown to the be most effective treatment for smoking cessation. If your father is interested in resources to quit smoking, recommend that he see his doctor to determine if these resources may be useful and appropriate given his particular health circumstances.

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