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"I am suffering from a cold for a long time. Is it serious?"

ZocdocAnswersI am suffering from a cold for a long time. Is it serious?


I am suffering cold 4-5 month which lead to my ear, throat and sometimes teeth with eyes. Am feeling a pop up crack in my ear while eating or drinking, the there's unwanted sound in my ear, like bee, horn and puzzle, it bothered me most special night. Also i get infection in that ear where luquid came out time ago, the recover, then it start doing what i mention above.


Thank you for this question. It sounds like your ear has been problematic for quite some time. This could be a sign of something that needs to be treated within the ear itself. Some of the common problems that can cause this include problems of the ear drum itself, either a hole in it or difficulty in keeping it in the correct position; the eustachian tube, which can become blocked easily in some people and may need some additional help to keep the fluid from the ear from pooling in the ear and creating some unwanted sounds; and other problems involving the hearing of the ear. With any of these problems, an ear nose and throat surgeon (AKA ENT AKA otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon) would be best qualified to help you get the answers that you need. Specifically, an otologist may be able to help you the most, if there is one in your area. Any of these surgeons has received special training in diagnosing and treating problems of the ear and would be most likely to help. Some of these changes and symptoms that you are noting may be able to be treated, so please speak with your doctor.

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