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What could be causing a fishy smell after intercourse?

whenever i have sexual intercourse or get sexually aroused i have a fishy smell.i don't have any itch or smelly discolored discharge
It sounds like you are describing a fishy odor from your vagina with some discharge and I recommend speaking with your primary care doctor or OBGYN. The vagina should not produce malodorous discharge. The vagina has a self cleaning defense mechanism. It has beneficial bacteria called lactobacillus which produces an acidic environment to ward off an overgrowth of foreign organisms such as bacteria and yeast. If this balance is disrupted, then there could be an overgrowth of other organisms which can may malodorous discharge. A possible infection called bacteria vaginosis is possible since it also produces a fishy odor. It is not known to be sexually transmitted. It is a common infection in women. It is important to not use harsh soaps or chemicals to clean the vagina as this can kill off the beneficial bacteria. It is also important to not have the male partner ejaculate semen into the vagina since semen is basic in pH. Semen can actually raise the pH of the vagina which lowers its defense against an overgrowth of other bacteria. Lastly, it is important to rule out any sexually transmitted diseases which can cause your symptoms. You should make an appointment with your primary care doctor or your OBGYN doctor to have your symptoms investigated more thoroughly.
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