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"Can tight pants cause a cervix to close after being dilated?"

ZocdocAnswersCan tight pants cause a cervix to close after being dilated?


had my cervix open but closed up within 1 month


I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. Generally speaking, no, tight pants has no affect on the rate that your cervix closes after being dilated. The pressure of pants around your pelvis dose not get transmitted into the cervical area because of the surrounding pelvic bone. Based on your question it sounds like you had a procedure done to dilate your cervix. A common procedure that requires this is a dilatation and curretage. This is where the cervix is dilated using instruments allowing for access to the inside of the uterus. When the cervix is dilated in this way, it probably closes back up with a few days to a week. If the cervix dilates secondary to a more natural cause such as pregnancy and labor, it might take the cervix longer to close. This is because the cervix changes with respect to the amount of fibrous (tough) tissue when a woman nears term. It becomes floppier allowing the baby an easier smoother passage out of the uterus. Again, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. The two of you can discuss the procedure you had (if that is what you had done) and the expected rate of closure of your cervix. I expect that you will find that the rate of closer was normal.

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