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"Why is my vagina swollen and itchy?"


I don't have painful burning urination and I have no discharge. My vagina is just swollen & red and there is an itch that I can't scratch.


Thank you for your question regarding your vaginal symptoms. I would encourage you to visit your doctor who can perform a thorough physical examination and ask you more detailed questions about your medical history. There are many possibilities that could be the source of your vaginal discomfort.

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Yeast infections are very common in women. They are caused by a fungus and can cause burning, itching, irritation and sometimes, a whitish discharge. Yeast infections are easily treated with antifungal medications which you can place inside the vagina itself or with an oral medication taken once. Trichomonas is another infection that can present in much the same way. Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted parasite infection which can cause green-yellow discharge that has a strong smell, and can be associated with burning, itchiness, pain with urination and intercourse. When a gynecologist performs a pelvic exam, he or she may be able to see small red spots inside the vagina or on the cervix. It is important to visit your doctor, because if you do indeed have a sexually transmitted disease such as Trichomonas, you will want to inform your sexual partner, so that you both are treated effectively. Please see your doctor who can perform the necessary tests to appropriately diagnose you.

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