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I have more facial hair right side of my chin than on the left side. Is it normal?

The facial hair density in the right side of my chin is much more than the left side. I'm 21 & skinny, Please HELP!!
Thank you very much for your question and I suggest you make an appointment with your primary care doctor or local health center. Facial hair can grow in different patterns and at different densities in different people. Depending on your past medical history, family history, and environmental risk factors, you may have a facial hair growth pattern that differs from others. In most young men, facial hair growth patterns evolve over time given different levels of hormones in your body. As men go through puberty and into early adulthood, facial and body hair patterns may vary slightly. Many men notice fuller, thicker hair as they progress through puberty and into adulthood. This change in hair pattern can continue through your 20s. Depending on the profile of your hormonal development, changes can continue throughout your 30s and 40s as the levels of testosterone and other hormones change. However, hair loss can be a sign of disease as opposed to just a reflection of often normal hormonal changes. It may reflect differing levels of blood flow to particular parts of your body or gonadal organs. Some tumors can express hormones and alter the expression and growth of hair on your body. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being evaluated by a doctor or other qualified health professional. Again, I suggest you make an appointment with your primary care doctor or local health center for further evaluation to receive a diagnosis and potential management strategies.
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