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"Is this an allergic reaction or something else?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this an allergic reaction or something else?


After thanksgiving dinner my boy friend's fave became swollen from under his eye to his beard line He has no known food allergies. I cooked most of the dinner and didn't cook anything unusual that we have not had before. However He has been sick with a cold for a week


What an unfortunate event to happen during a holiday! Hopefully your boyfriend will be back to normal soon. In order to determine if this was an allergic reaction, the best thing for him to do is see his primary care physician right away. His doctor can talk with him in more detail about the exact events on Thanksgiving, as well as review his health history and medications. Sometimes people who develop food allergies later in life have a history of food allergies or asthma in childhood. Depending upon the outcome of their discussion (and a physical exam), your boyfriend's doctor may want him to be seen by an allergist for further testing. It will also be important to review any other symptoms that may have occurred with the face swelling. For example, did your boyfriend also experience any swelling in his lips, feel short of breath, or have any new skin rashes or hives on his skin? Hopefully this event will never repeat itself and your boyfriend will be back to normal in no time. However, if this is the prodrome of what could be a more severe allergic response--or even a presentation of a condition called hereditary angioedema (swelling not related to an allergic reaction)--it will be important to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

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