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"Can an inflamed uterus make it hard to go to the bathroom?"

ZocdocAnswersCan an inflamed uterus make it hard to go to the bathroom?


I have inflamed uterus, can it block off my colon my it hard to go to the bathroom. Have hcmatametra have a hysterectomy


Thank you for this interesting question. I recommend that you discuss this question further with your doctor. There are many situations where the reproductive organs and pathways of a female can become involved with the GI tract and the two can impair the ability of the other to function properly. While I don't completely understand your last question, if you are asking about whether or not you need a hysterectomy (a surgical procedure that can involve removal of the whole or a part of the uterus), I would need more information before I could comment on that. More common than uterine inflammation, it is quite common for the bowel or bladder to prolapse, or push through, the wall of the vagina. This is especially common in women who have had children through vaginal delivery, and becomes more common the more children a woman has in this fashion due to weakening of the wall. When the bowel or bladder pushes into the vagina, it can become obstructed due to abnormal angles that it takes. These obstructions can be uncomfortable in some instances, leading to constipation and other complaints, but in other instances they are much more serious and can even cause life threatening obstruction. Please speak with your doctor about your situation.

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