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"When is decreased fetal movement a concern?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen is decreased fetal movement a concern?


Hi I'm 34 weeks pregnant About 2 weeks ago after a day if feeling crappy n sleeping a lot I notice my baby didn't move as much he was a very active baby i thought maybe I didn't noticed since I felt sick but over the past 2 weeks he's still not moving very much and often many hours in between


Please speak with your doctor about this immediately. Decreased fetal movements are always a concern, as they can be a very concerning finding that indicates the health status of your baby. Such a question is something that you have hopefully already called your doctor about, as such questions are best directed to your doctor or midwife immediately rather than waiting for a response from someone through a forum like this. This sort of venue can be valuable to provide information, but can never replace medical advice from your doctor, which is both timely and more relevant to your specific situation. Your doctor can also ask other important questions that can help to either increase his or her level of concern, or help them to understand and feel more at ease. While your situation could be explained by something simple, it could also be a very serious situation that requires immediate intervention. Please speak with your doctor immediately about these decreased fetal movements, and he or she may advise some immediate testing to determine if there is anything else that needs to be done in an urgent fashion. Thank you for your question.

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