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"I'm 44 yrs old and I haven't had a period in almost 4 months. What is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm 44 yrs old and I haven't had a period in almost 4 months. What is wrong with me?


My breasts are so so tender, butif I were pregnant I would think I would have some other sign by now. what could this be?


There are several reasons that women may miss a menstrual cycle, or several menstrual cycles. It is very important to have regular screening gynecologic examinations, including regular pelvic examinations and Pap smears. If you are not up to date on your routine screening examinations, be sure to call your primary care doctor or gynecologist to schedule an appointment. Pregnancy is a frequent cause of amenorrhea, or loss of menses. Early signs of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness, nausea, reflux, and weight gain, may or may not be present. It is important to have a pregnancy test performed if you are missing periods. The hormonal changes that lead up to menopause can also cause amenorrhea, and also irregular periods. The early to mid-forties is a common time for women to experience pre-menopausal symptoms. Related symptoms may also include hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, or vaginal dryness. In addition, other hormonal changes can also affect the menstrual cycle. On of the more common of these can be changes in thyroid function. Your doctor may check a TSH to assess thyroid function, depending on your other symptoms. Symptoms associated with thyroid dysfunction include changes in weight, hair and skin texture, constipation or diarrhea, and others. A routine examination and basic tests as described may help explain the absence of your period.

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