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"My boyfriend has recurring boils/abscess every 3-5 months. Is that serious?"

ZocdocAnswersMy boyfriend has recurring boils/abscess every 3-5 months. Is that serious?


Since this year my boyfriend has been getting abscess or boils every couple months. Within a 2 week time span he has gotten his second abscess. The first week it was right behind his nut sack and now it's on his knee. A few months back he had them near his anus hole, and one right below his belly button, just right after the lining of the pubic hairs begin. He's had 2 of them removed surgically already. He's taken antibiotics for all of them but they always come back. If it's any help, he has 1 kidney, he smokes cigars a few every week and weed here and there. he drinks but not very much and not very often. His diet could be better; he (to my knowledge) only eats once a day. I do not live with him so what he eats is not known. He has pretty good hygiene except for his nails. They are a bit long and dirty underneath and of course he scratches his body and groin area with them.


Thank you for this interesting question. There are some different things that could be leading to some of the reasons that your boyfriend is having these problems, and he should discuss them with his doctor. In general, some of these problems can come from a few common things. One of my first thoughts would be whether or not he has a form of bacteria that does not respond well to regular treatment, or is more virulent (more aggressive) than the routine bacteria that we all have all around us. We have all heard of MRSA, which is now quite common. His doctor would be able to suggest if that is playing a role, as he or she quite possibly has tested the bacteria that caused the infections before. If it was the same bacteria each of the two recent times, that may provide some information. Obviously, hygiene is also important. As is a healthy immune system, which can be affected by things ranging from diet to other infections and many things in between. As you seem to be describing something that is becoming a chronic problem, please encourage your boyfriend to discuss this with your doctor and discuss this with your own doctor as well.

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