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"What is the treatment for the writers cramp disease?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the treatment for the writers cramp disease?


i m suffering hand writing problem. when i start writing my hands are vibrate and i cannot write. so plz suggest me how can i cure from this situation. i examine a test (NCV - right Upper limb) but the report are seen normal... plz suggest me


Thanks for your question. When you start to experience changes in the ability to hold your hands still or use them appropriately, this can be very concerning. So it is important to speak with your doctor. There are many reasons that this could happen, and your personal medical history can contribute this very heavily, helping your doctor to make the correct diagnosis and keeping you from continuing to suffer from the consequences of this condition. In many situations of tremor or vibrations, the problem will stem from something involving the nervous system. This can be a problem of the central nervous system (such as the brain or brainstem), or it can be a problem that comes from the peripheral nervous system (which includes the other nerves in the extremities). Depending on the region of the body or nervous system from which it stems, it may be treated in different manners. Often, problems of the peripheral nervous system will respond to surgery to release compression or some other anatomic cause to the problem. Central nervous system problems will instead be often treated with medications. There are other possible explanations, and each will require a different therapy. Please speak with your doctor more about this condition to get the help you need.

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