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"Should I take an HIV test?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I take an HIV test?


i had sex with aperson 5 years ago and now iam afraid of being infected with hiv i do hiv ag\ab test since 5 days and result was negative but iam afraid that this long period between relationshiop and test affect on test and lead to disappearance of antibodies and i was pregnant then i delivered my baby one month ago and during pregnancy i take dexamethasone injection for 5 days (the period between injecion of dexa` and now is one month ) iam afraid that dexa affect test and lead to disapearance of antibodies as i read that dexamethaone affect antibodies and pregnancy decrease immunity my wbc are 5900 it is` usually 9500 in all previous` `tests and i noticed it is decreased i want to know is this test reliable or not


Thank you for your question. You sound quite concerned, and I am hopeful that we can help direct you to feel more comfortable. The best thing to do is to speak with your doctor. The short answer is that there is always a risk of transmission of the HIV virus with any sharing of secretions or other bodily fluids between two people. Condoms and other methods of protection are very effective, but not fail proof, and complications and infection can still occur. If you have reason to be concerned about having contracted the virus, you should be tested. Many things can affect the reliability of the test, including the time after exposure. If you are tested too quickly after being exposed, you could possibly have a false negative test, meaning that the test could be negative because the virus has not had time to multiply in your body sufficiently to be tested, and/or the antibodies have not had time to form. Any steroid can affect the immune response, as you suggest, as can the fact that you recently had a baby. As you can tell, there are many variables that need to be discussed in more detail, and in person. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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