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"I feel pressure in the left side of my throat. Should I be worried?"


I went to see my cardiologist last Thursday and he told me that my heart is healthy.. Now I feel pressure in the left side of my throat and I read somewhere that it could be a heart attack, even though I had no chest pain or anything, when I started thinking about it, I suddenly get dizzy like I'm going to faint and can't catch a breath.


Thanks for your question. It is good that you have been in good contact with your cardiologist, as he or she is likely the most qualified person to comment on the health of your heart. Depending on any tests or other examinations that he or she may have completed, you should be able to have confidence in what your doctor recommended.

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Obviously, if you have new concerns, it is appropriate to discuss them with your doctor, and perhaps a phone call to his or her office would be of help. Now there are many things that can cause pain in the side of the throat. While heart attacks can send pain to other body parts, pressure in one side of the throat is not a commonly described symptom of a heart attack (although pain radiating to the neck can be). Things such as foreign bodies, common upper respiratory tract infections, and many other things can cause these symptoms. For that reason, if you are having new symptoms such as those that you describe, it would be prudent to discuss them with your doctor. While your cardiologist is perfect to talk about your heart, and ear nose and throat surgeon may help more with your head and neck. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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