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"I felt a hard lump on the roof of my mouth. Is this normal?"

ZocdocAnswersI felt a hard lump on the roof of my mouth. Is this normal?


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No, you should speak with your doctor about this concern. There are many possible explanations, but some of them are serious. Some of the most common causes of swelling on the roof of the mouth are things that are known as a torus, or a benign bony swelling of the palate (although they can also occur on the mandible and other bony parts of the mouth). These are extremely common, grow very slowly, and almost never require treatment. Your ear nose and throat surgeon will be able to help you identify these readily based on their appearance. There are other things that can cause a bump in the mouth as well. Trauma can do so, and most of the time patients will recall what started the symptoms. Cysts and obstructions of salivary glands are other possibilities. Another, much more concerning, possibility is that this could possibly be a cancer. These will often start as painless growths in the mouth, and they will grow slowly or quickly and eventually become painful. If you have a new growth inside of your mouth, or just a swelling, you should speak with a doctor soon. An ear nose and throat surgeon AKA otolaryngologist may be best.

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