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"Is it too late for surgery?"

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I suffered an orbital fracture(I think) after being hit in the by a large liquor bottle about a year ago. I never went to the hospital because I was about to leave for the navy and would have been disqualified for it. Anyway, I my right eye is sunken into my head and a little bit lazy. I wish I could post a picture to show how it looks but I could send one to someone if they believe it would help them with my question.


I am sorry to hear about your injury. I strongly encourage you to see both a craniofacial surgeon (typically a plastic surgeon) and an ophthalmologist regarding your symptoms. You will require a thorough, in-person history, physical exam, and radiographic studies to determine the best way to proceed. The orbit of your skull is designed to protect the soft tissues of your eye. There are also multiple other bony structures in this area, such as the maxilla, nasal bridge, and frontal portion of the cranium, that provide areas for muscle and soft tissue attachment as well as help form your sinuses and protect your brain. If you have issues with sinus drainage or frequent sinus infections, it is possible this is a result of your prior fracture. Although the original fracture has likely healed, it sounds as if the bones migrated as a result of the fracture, which is causing the change in your face shape. You will likely need a CT scan of your head to determine the specific abnormality. Depending on the finding, you may be able to undergo surgery to reshape this portion of your face. The lazy eye is worrisome, as it may indicate the nerves or muscles controlling your eye movement have been damaged. I encourage you to consult an ophthalmologist as part of your evaluation.

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