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"What causes dry throat?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes dry throat?


Its hard for me to swallow food, i feel my tounge and throat are dry


Thank you for your question regarding dry throat. There are many potential sources that could account for the feeling of a dry throat. Therefore, it is important that you visit your doctor, who can perform a thorough examination and better pinpoint the cause of your dry throat sensation. Sometimes, being a mouth breather can cause the throat and mouth to become dried out. A person might breathe out of their nose because of a sinus infection or cold that causes congestion of the nasal passages. Dry weather, especially in the winter, can precipitate the feeling of a dry throat. There is also an autoimmune condition which can cause dry mouth and throat. Sjorgren's syndrome occurs when the body makes antibodies which attack its own salivary and lacrimal glands. Therefore, the eyes and mouth will be most affected. Patients are unable to produce tears as effectively and can experience dry eyes and the sensation of a foreign body in their eyes. They are also unable to produce saliva, so these patients can have a dry mouth and experience trouble lubricating their food enough to swallow. Medications can also produce the sensation of dry mouth. This side effect is a common complaint with the use of anticholinergic medications, such as ditropan, which is used for overactive bladder. Please speak with your doctor who can help identify which, if any, of these could be a possible cause for your symptoms.

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