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"I hear a crunchy sound when bending my knee. Is that normal?"

ZocdocAnswersI hear a crunchy sound when bending my knee. Is that normal?


7 moths taking therapy and ACL surgery. Crunchy sound.


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. It is certainly frustrating to continue having pain after a surgery. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis, a physician would need to review the details of your medical history and also perform a thorough physical exam. They would also need to review the details of your surgery and any prior imaging studies. Therefore, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. After collecting this information, the surgeon can make recommendations on the next most appropriate steps. Given your recent surgery, it is possible you have re-injured your ACL. It is also possible you have injured one of the other ligaments stabilizing your knee, such as the MCL or PCL. Patients with ACL injuries also often injury their meniscus, which is a piece of cartilage that helps cushion the joint. It is possible that you have developed osteoarthritis of the joint due to instability following your ACL injury. This can lead to pain, joint locking, and crunching or popping of the joint when the knee is bent. You may be using your joint differently than prior as a means of compensation, which can also cause abnormal noise and pain. I encourage you to raise these possibilities with an orthopedic surgeon.

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