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"What can I do to prevent the discoloration of the outer lip part of my vagina? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do to prevent the discoloration of the outer lip part of my vagina?


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Thank you for your question regarding discoloration of the labia, or outer region of the female genitalia. It is most likely that the change in color of the labia or skin around the vagina is completely normal, but it is important to visit your primary care doctor or Ob/Gyn. All women do not have the same skin color down below and that color can range from pink to purple to dark brown. The most common reason for this is ethnicity, with darker skin individuals being more likely to have a change in labia color. In this situation, there is very little to be done about preventing the discoloration. Although I am sure you could find advertised home remedies or bleaching creams, the reality is that they will probably have little effect and may even be risky to use on your genitalia. The situation is different, however, if there is a reversible cause for your skin discoloration. If you are experiencing itching, pain, foul discharge, in addition to the vaginal discoloration, you could be suffering from a vaginal infection which should be treated. Other conditions such as obesity or endocrine disorders like Cushing's disease and diabetes can have skin findings manifest by brown to black, velvety-like discoloration in skin folds. If you are concerned for any of these conditions, please visit your primary care doctor or Ob/Gyn right away.

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