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"Will a surgical feeding tube affect her Crohn's disease?"

ZocdocAnswersWill a surgical feeding tube affect her Crohn's disease?


she is 67 years old very thin blood very thin skin


I recommend that you discuss this concern with your grandmother's gastroenterologist. The purpose of a surgical feeding tube is to provide a patient with nutrition when they are otherwise unable to swallow or taken food by mouth for some other reason. It is sometimes done if somebody has difficulty swallowing because of prolonged integration, the surgical procedure of the head or neck, or tumor in the area. The contents of the tube feeds are really not a whole lot different then food that you would otherwise ingest. The food is just in liquid form which makes it easier to place into a tube. Thus, the tube feeds will have the same effect on her Crohn's disease as any other type of eating. Patients with colitis can have increased diarrhea with any kind of eating including tube feeds especially if they are experiencing a flare. If your grandmother were to experience increased diarrhea after starting the tube feeds that was not normal for her when she was previously eating, then this might indicate that she needs to be worked up for a Crohn's flare. This question is best answered by your grandmothers gastroenterologist. I would suggest that she schedule an appointment soon so she can discuss how her Crohn's disease should be managed in the setting of this new feeding tube.

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