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"I'm worried - is a fever this high for this long ok?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm worried - is a fever this high for this long ok?


My daughter has had a temp between 103.0 and 103.9 for 4 days she is 2. Really sleepy, she is sleeping 90% of the day she is drinking fluids good but has not ate in 3 day. She keeps saying her belly hurts bad. She had diariah for a few days then it went away but I can't get her fever to go away? I took her to er saturday night they didn't really do anything but say she had a virus and sent us home. I don't believe she has a virus cause we have dealt with that before and me nor my husband nor my son have any symptoms at all. I am worried it could be something more serious. She has been staying awake about 5 to 30 min at a time when she usually doesn't even take a nap during the day.


I am sorry to hear that your daughter has not been doing very well and that she has had a relatively high temperature (103-103.9) for the past few days and you are worried that she may have something serious going on. It sounds like you went to the emergency department and they thought that your daughter just had a viral infection which is definitely a possibility, but there are a few things that you mention that make me think that you should follow-up with your pediatrician. I will give you my thoughts about different things that may be going on, but ultimately you need to see your pediatrician so that you can get as accurate a diagnosis as possible. They will be able to take more of a history, and examine your child which are the keystones of an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. The good thing from what you have mentioned in the history that you have given is that your daughter is still willing to take liquids. Children can go a few days without taking any actual solid food by mouth if they continue to take liquids in. However, it worried me that you say that she has become lethargic, and is sleeping all the time. While it is possible that it is just a viral infection that she will respond to it without intervention, there are many other things (some more worrisome) that can cause lethargy. This is why I would recommend that you follow-up with your pediatrician. Also, the fact that you were concerned enough to go to the emergency department, and she is still not getting better reinforces the need for further follow-up. I wish you and your daughter all the best.

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