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"Could bartholin cyst cause complications during delivery?"

ZocdocAnswersCould bartholin cyst cause complications during delivery?


I have a bartholin cyst on my vagina lip about the size of an egg, I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I'm planning on having a at home water birth. Is there anything that I should be worried about going wrong during labor because of my swollen libia?


Bartholin cysts are very common in women, and usually have no negative effects on people who have them. Having said that, it is important to make an appointment to speak with your doctor to review your particular case and to decide on any treatment options that may be appropriate. Bartholin cysts develop when there is a blockage of the bartholin glands, and fluid accumulates and forms a cyst. These glands function by excreting fluid to lubricate the vagina, so when one becomes blocked, this fluid can accumulate and form a cyst. As mentioned above, there are usually no negative health consequences that result from a bartholin cyst and no treatment is required. However, rarely they may become infected, which would then require a drainage procedure, followed by warm compresses to aid the healing. To answer your question, there should be no negative effects on you or your baby during the birthing process because of your Bartholin cyst. The one situation in which it may be detrimental is if the cyst is obstructing the vaginal opening, thus impeding the movement of the baby out of this opening. If you are concerned that it may be blocking your vaginal orifice and to address any other particular questions you have about Bartholin cysts, home water baths, or the birthing process given these factors, I would recommend making an appointment to see your gynecologist so that he or she can perform a physical examination and give any directed recommendations for your particular situation.

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