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"What does it mean if your neck is always black?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if your neck is always black?


I have scrubbed my neck for years and it just stays black band its not dirt I've tried ointments what does this mean?


Thanks for your question. It's important to know your overall health history as well. For example, if you are overweight and have diabetes, I would be inclined to suspect that there is a condition that could readily be treated and provide you some relief. If you are an otherwise healthy person with no significant past medical history, then it is important to speak with someone to determine what exactly is causing your problem. Either way, your doctor will be able to make some recommendations. Often, the first steps that are taken to help skin problems are to treat with an anti-fungal medication or with a steroid, as most of these conditions can be treated with one of those two medications or medication classes. As always, there are some exceptions, and so speaking with your doctor is important. A dermatologist will likely best be able to help you and may use some special equipment and lighting to examine your skin and determine what the cause of your problem could be. Hyper and hypo-pigmentation are quite common reasons to speak with a doctor, and so please speak with your doctor soon, maintain your health, and good luck!

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