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"I have a small lump under the right side of my jaw and it hurts a lot. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a small lump under the right side of my jaw and it hurts a lot. What could it be?


its about the size of a kidney bean its very painful. I cant even do my workout without it hurting and it hurts to touch it the slightest. please help!


Sorry to hear that you have a lump underneath your jaw, and that it is bothering you to the point of not being able to touch it without pain, and that it is affecting your activities of daily living. I can give you some different thoughts as to what might be going on, but ultimately you are going to need to see a physician to get it checked out. They will be able to take a history, do an exam, and tell you more specifically what is going on. I recommend that you make an appointment to see an ENT (Ear Nose Throat aka otolaryngologist) physician to get an opinion. There are a number of different structures underneath your jaw that you may be feeling. First off, there are hundreds of lymph nodes in your neck, which are a normal part of your immune system. There are some big lymph nodes on each side called jugulodigastric lymph nodes, and it is possible that you are feeling one of these. they typically swell in response to infection or inflammation, but they can also be large due to something more sinister like a cancer. Another example of a structure under your jaw that can cause a lump and pain is your submandibular gland. This is a saliva gland under your jaw, and different processes such as a stone in the saliva gland can cause a painful swelling. The ENT will be able to examine you and tell you what they think the lump is. Best of luck.

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