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"Can smelling urine cause a migraine"

ZocdocAnswersCan smelling urine cause a migraine


I suffer from migraines and was wondering if smelling urine is a trigger


So sorry to hear that you suffer from migraines. They are quite common, and can be quite problematic for many different people. Fortunately, there are many different treatments available that can help with your symptoms, and a good primary care doctor and a referral to a specialist as needed can be all that you need to feel better in some situations. With regards to migraine triggers, there are thousands of different triggers for many different people. Some of the more common triggers include fatigue, pain from another source, and other things that can somehow set off your migraine. While urine is not one that I have heard of before, it is certainly common for smells to set off a migraine for some people. If urine is a trigger for you or someone you know, then it may be beneficial to avoid situations in which the smell of urine is too strong. As this can be a hard situation to avoid completely, there are other medications that can be used during the times when you are more prone to suffering from migraines. A neurologist is often best equipped to fully help with chronic headaches, so please speak with your doctor about this.

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