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"Should I be concerned about vaginal bleeding?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I be concerned about vaginal bleeding?


I was being fingered the other week and started bleeding, or course I was concerned but I thought it may have been my period suddenly starting, come to find out it stopped so it was obviously a scratch. I felt no pain but a moment I had to tell him to stop or slow down. I later started my period and now I'm on it and kind feel like its lasting to long. Not to mention is kinda doesn't seem like period blood anymore.


Thanks for your question. It appears that your primary concern is whether or not the bleeding is due to your recent sexual activity, or if it has to do with your normal menstruation. The only true way to answer this question is to either wait for the normal length of your period to pass and then see if the bleeding persists, or, even better, to speak with your doctor and have an examination to determine if there is something wrong. Obviously, you could also do a combination of the two. Speaking with your doctor now is the best thing to do, as he or she will be able to schedule an appointment at the time that he or she thinks is best, ie, after he or she believes your menstrual bleeding should have stopped and anything else may have started. While trauma is one possibility, there are other things that can also cause prolonged menses, and so you should make sure to consider other explanations as well. Please speak with your doctor about this question, and good luck.

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