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"Can blood clotting disorders cause mini strokes in the brain leading to brain lesions? "

ZocdocAnswersCan blood clotting disorders cause mini strokes in the brain leading to brain lesions?


3 yrs Right side gradually starts hurting in my hand then travel down to my whole side to my foot. I become confused, unbalanced, and could not structure complete thoughts. Brain MRI that showed many, many small lesions throught my brain. Went through many tests for MS, strokes, heart condition, and other neurological diseases. Doctor said it could be mini strokes or seizures. I have sinced been diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder and had several blood infusions for severe anemia. Could the two be linked to my symptoms? I have never been given a definitive answer on either, just meds and treatments. MRI RESULTS there are scattered foci of T2 hyperintense signal in the predominantly deep and subcortical white matter, unchanged in distribution from the prior examination. Minimal periventricular T2 hyperintense signal is present. A single foci of T2 hyperintensity is seen in the subcortical white matter of the right temporal lobe.


This is a complex medical situation. In order to provide accurate recommendations, it will be necessary to review your entire medical history and prior studies as well as perform a thorough medical history. I strongly recommend you schedule an appointment with a neurologist. After a thorough, in-person evaluation, the doctor can make recommendations on the most likely cause of your symptoms and the most appropriate steps moving forward. There are numerous disorders that make patients more likely to abnormally develop blood clots. Some examples include antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, Factor V Leiden, protein C or S deficiency, and lupus anticoagulant syndrome. Depending on where these blood clots form, they can travel to small blood vessels, thereby blocking blood flow to these areas. This can cause strokes. Some conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, can lead you to develop blood clots in the heart that can then migrate to the rest of the body, often causing stroke. Importantly, these disorders do not typically cause severe anemia requiring blood transfusion, and it may be possible that you are suffering from two different disorders. Unfortunately, I cannot comment further on your symptoms without knowing more details of your medical history. Therefore, I strongly recommend you see a neurologist.

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