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"I have HPV virus and my doctor wants to do Pap smear. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have HPV virus and my doctor wants to do Pap smear. What should I do?


I am 18. Should my doctor do pap smear at this age. Can a girl get HPV infection without sex?what is better treatment for HPV.


Thanks for this question. Human papillomavirus is a very common condition. Genital HPV lesions are most often spread by sexual contact, although different strains are quite common and cause such things as regular warts (which can be spread by such simple acts as touching a wart from someone else). As for your age and the need for a Pap smear, it is important to discuss your concerns with your doctor, and get a second opinion if you disagree or don't feel right about your doctor's advice. In general, sexually active females are recommended to have regular Pap smears and cervical examinations. This is because some HPV strains can cause cervical cancer at a very young age, and appropriate screening can lead to changes and alterations in patterns of behavior that can help to reduce your risk. Depending on what your doctor finds, he or she may recommend certain procedures or further testing to make sure you are well. There is also a vaccine that can help to prevent a person from getting several strains of the virus. This can potentially bring long term health benefits. Please speak with your doctor about all of these questions and your concerns.

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