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"What can I do for my children pain when they have had teeth pulled out?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do for my children pain when they have had teeth pulled out?


she is two and has had all four of her front teeth pulled today.


Pain after dental extraction is expected and can be quite bothersome, particularly when multiple teeth are extracted. However, if severe or if there is concern for infection, a trip to the dentist may be necessary. Whenever the teeth is pulled, the area is disrupted, and swelling, inflammation can occur leading to pain. The pain is often transient and should improve within a day or so. Parents are often distressed to see their children suffer, which may be worse than the child's actual pain. Parents often can use non-medicine approaches such as applying ice to the area or having their child suck on a popsicle or eat ice cream slowly to help relieve swelling and pain. If the conservative approach fail, parents often can try topical numbing medications that can be bought over the counter general pharmacies that are used for babies teething. In addition, like for other pains, acetaminophen are often safe and effective for relief as long as used as directed by the child's pediatrician. As usual a call to the pediatrician's office can help parents in these situations solve their problem with just a phone call. In addition, the child's dentist is also a good resource for help.

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