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"Does a drop in my HCG level means a miscarriage?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes a drop in my HCG level means a miscarriage?


Hcg level 64000 then 9400 then 8600


I would suggest that she scheduled one with your OB/GYN today. Beta hCG is one of the hormones that is released by a growing fetus and is also the hormone that we detect when looking for pregnancy. If these numbers that you have provided here are accurate and including hCG level of 64,000 that then dropped to 9400 and then to 8600, I would say that most likely this is a miscarriage. Of course this usually would accompany some other symptoms. Most people that experience of miscarriage also experience vaginal bleeding. If you recently developed vaginal bleeding and had these hCG levels, then they would most likely mean that you miscarried. Again, I would suggest that she scheduled one with your OB/GYN today. It is very important that you get further imaging done. You should have an ultrasound of your pelvis to look for a heartbeat and to look for any contents that are in your uterus. If you did have a miscarriage, and you did not pass the products of conception, then you will need to have something called the D&C. This is just a simple procedure to remove any of the products of conception that did not pass on their own. If you do not have this done, then it can be a nidus for infection. Good luck.

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