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"Do I have Erectile Dysfunction?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have Erectile Dysfunction?


I am 19, been diabetic since I was 4, type 1. I get about 1-2 High blood glucose levels every Day but only for a couple of minutes as I immediately counter with insulin. Suffer hypoglycemia regularily when I use too much insulin. Recently been experiencing ED with my gf(we only hace dry sex). Never have consumed alcohol nor cigarretes of any kind. I take no medications other than insulin. Erections when masturbating feeling softer than 2 years ago. My health tests all came out normal. I Just dont get too hard and I lose the erection quite fast too.


That is an excellent question and one that is best discussed with your primary care doctor or the person who evaluates and treats you for your diabetes such as your endocrinologist. In general, erectile dysfunction can be a side effect of poorly controlled sugars in patients with diabetes and in this case, a treatment your doctor may prescribe is a medication to treat your erectile dysfunction. There are different medications for this and they work for different times depending on what you want. That being said, it is also equally if not more important that you work on maintaining your blood sugars within a better control as you are very young and these issues will only get worse with time if you continue to have poorly controlled blood sugar. Other issues that happen to diabetics as you may know include issues with the nerves in your feet, issues with your vision, and issues related to ulcers in your legs that can become so bad that the leg needs to be amputated. For these reasons, it is important that you work with your doctor to improve your blood sugar control and with time, this may also help your erectile dysfunction. It is recommended that you seek medical attention soon for these issues.

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