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"Can I take roxid 300 mg twice daily?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I take roxid 300 mg twice daily?


i am 33 weeks pregnant having severe dry cough. Pls reply as soon as possible


Thank you for your question. I would strongly suggest that you meet with your physician or present to an urgent care clinic, especially if your symptoms are getting worse. Roxid is an antibiotic related to erythromycin. Generally speaking, these medications are "class B" safety for use in pregnancy. This basically means that they are probably safe, although we do not have good studies to definitively prove this. Before you consider taking Roxid, however, you should be aware that this may not necessarily help your cough. Roxid could be useful to treat certain types of bacterial infections, many of which can cause lung infections such as pneumonia. You are less likely to have a bacterial infection requiring treatment if you are not coughing up mucus/sputum and if you do not have a fever. A dry cough could be caused by a virus, which would not respond to a medication such as Roxid. Another possibility is gastric reflux, a very common cause of cough, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. If you are noticing any burning pain in your chest or sour/acid taste in your mouth, this may be the etiology. Finally, other common causes of dry cough should be considered, including postnasal drip and asthma. I recommend that you discuss these possibilities with your physician.

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