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"Can I induce labor early?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I induce labor early?


I m 39 week pregnent want to get labor pains early. pains started but stoped


Despite what you have heard or may have read online, there is no way for you to induce labor early or even on time by doing anything specific at home. I recommend that you speak with your obstetrician. Some women feel that they can get labor going by walking, working around the house, and staying active. This myth stems from the fact that physicians will recommend that women remain in bed if they are having premature labor. While it is true that premature labor can be slowed down or stopped by cessation of all activity, the reverse is not necessarily true. There is also a myth that sexual activity can induce labor due to the effect of semen on the cervix. This also is not true. Because you are at 39 weeks, you need to be seeing your obstetrician weekly. If you have not gone into labor by next week, then the two of you can discuss the possibility of undergoing induction. Induction involves receiving the hormone oxytocin which is called Pitocin in the hospital. This is the hormone that the body releases to induce labor naturally. The use of this hormone increases your risk of C-section by a small amount, but is widely used in many cases. This may be necessary in your case. Good luck.

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