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"I lost a lot of weight very fast. What do I do with my skin?"

ZocdocAnswersI lost a lot of weight very fast. What do I do with my skin?


I´m 19 and have lost 140 lbs in the last 9 months with changing my eating habits and going to the gym, obviously i lost the weight to fast and now the skin on my arms and my tummy are haning!! what do i do? I thought because i was young that would not happen...


First, I should say congratulations on losing that much weight. This will truly do a lot for your overall health now and going forward. So the first thing I should say is keep it up if you can. Having extra skin is a problem that everybody has when they lose as much weight as you have. Some of the skin will tend to contract and therefore be less of a problem as long as you are can keep off the weight. However, some people end up needing to have an operation to have some of this skin removed. Thus, you might need a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Prior to doing this, you should ask yourself if you have the discipline to keep this weight off. One of the worst things that can happen is if you go forward with a major operation to remove a significant portion of your excess skin and then later on gain the weight back only to develop significant stretch marks. A plastic surgeon can go through all of the different risks and benefits of having some of the skin removed. In addition, if you start having trouble with weight gain again, you might consider consultation with a bariatric surgeon. For some people, bariatric surgery is the only way that they can keep this weight off. Good luck.

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