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"Why these red bumps on my face don't scab up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy these red bumps on my face don't scab up?


So about a week ago I shaved my face. everything was normal until a day or two later when across my right cheek, my whole chin and my neck suddenly started getting red bumps that would scab up. This is 4 days later and it almost seems like it got worse. I felt like it's just razor burn but if it's getting worse without shaving I don't know what it would be. I've been putting hydrocortisone cream and aloe on it but it's not helping! Help!!


Thank you for your question. It sounds like you are experiencing razor bumps or razor burn which can be uncomfortable and painful. However, you are doing many of the right things and I encourage you to speak with your doctor if it persists. First, avoid shaving until resolution of the bumps. You can apply ice packs to the skin to help decrease inflammation of the area. Various creams and emollients may be of some benefit, such as aloe, steroid cream, and sometimes benzoyl peroxide cream used for acne may provide some relief. It will take time and patience for the razor bumps to fully disappear. The most important thing you can do is to prevent this from happening again. Invest in a good razor and replace it frequently. Single and double blade razors are more effective. Before shaving, take a hot shower to open your pores and soften the skin. Always use shaving cream in abundance on the face. Shave with the direction of your hair growth. You may not get as close of a shave but it will be less abrasive to your skin. Do not press too tightly on your skin while shaving and don't pull on the skin. Afterwards you may want to wash your face with cold water or press a cold cloth to the skin. If your razor burn persists after these interventions, speak with your doctor who can help you with further management.

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