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"I am feeling pain in my stomach. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI am feeling pain in my stomach. What could it be?


why i feel bloated fullnest pains in stomach right side feel heavymy stomach is bloaded. I haven't ate today I get cramps stomach tight up feel heavy in side more on the right


Thank you for your question, and I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis, I would need more information. I would need to review your entire medical history and also perform a thorough physical exam. In addition, you may need to undergo additional testing, such as blood work or imaging studies. Only after collecting this information would it be possible to provide an answer. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to see a primary care physician. Abdominal pain has many potential causes. Irritable bowel syndrome can cause ongoing pain and bloating, often mixed with diarrhea and/or constipation. A tumor somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract could cause bloating and pain. Gastric and duodenal ulcers can often cause discomfort, and they may require acid suppressant therapy to promote healing as well as a course of antibiotics if they are determined to have been caused by an H. pylori infection. A blockage in the intestines can also cause pain. Infections of the gastrointestinal tract can cause pain and bloating. Unfortunately, I would need more information to provide an accurate diagnosis. Again, I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician to discuss these possibilities.

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