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"What is disturbing my sleep?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is disturbing my sleep?


recently this past week (maybe 3 nights) I have woken up and felt paralyzed. like something is pressing on me. later i would also feel pressure on my bed. like something is there. i have never hallucinated before. But i see nothing. I know nothing is there. But it feels like something is. Also last night i had a headache, and had a muscle spasm that interrupted my thought and made my body lose control and twitch for a few seconds.


So sorry to hear about your recent symptoms and your poor sleep. There are multiple things that could be causing your symptoms, and it will be important to describe your symptoms more fully in order to get the answer that you need. The person most likely to offer some assistance in your case will be a sleep medicine doctor, someone who is often trained in neurology or some other discipline that intersects with sleep disorders on a regular basis, and then has further training specifically dedicated to sleep medicine. You may require some formal testing in order to more fully understand what is causing your symptoms. Night time awakening and a sensation of paralysis can come from several things. One of the more common reasons to wake in the night is due to a difficulty breathing that can come from redundant soft tissue in the upper airway. This can be described as obstructive sleep apnea, and can result in frequent awakenings that can result in fatigue throughout the day and increase the risk of accidents in the short term, and other medical problems such as heart changes over the long term. Again, please discuss your concerns with your doctor.

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