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"Is my wingspan weird? Am I done growing?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my wingspan weird? Am I done growing?


I'm 18 and 5'6 but i have a 74 inch wingspan. I know it's normal for someones wingspan to exceed their height but is it normal for it to be that drastic? I heard that your feet and arms grow before you get taller does that mean I'm still growing vertically? My mom is 5'3 and my dad is 5'9. I'm a late bloomer and I've always matured slower than my friends. I was the last to get armpit hair and have a voice change i also still don't produce enough facial hair to shave


Thanks for this question. There are many different things that can contribute to arm length and how tall you will be. Different people will grow at different rates, and there may yet be some growth that you will experience. By discussing the timing of the growth of your parents (ie, did they have late growth spurts?), you may get some clues about your expected growth as well. There are also some formulas that calculate your expected height based on the height of your parents. Additionally, your nutritional status can play into your height as well, and there are some tests that can be done to help determine if you have reached your full height. In general, most of these things will tend to declare themselves with time. Speaking with your doctor can be helpful, as he or she can give you some tips and answers to your questions. With regards to your arms being longer than you are tall, there can be some variations in this based on your race, shoulder breadth, etc, but it could be a sign of something that is impairing your growth as well, keeping your height from matching your arm span. Please speak with your doctor.

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