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"Do I have a brain tumor or aneurysm?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have a brain tumor or aneurysm?


Almost two months ago I hit my head extremely hard against a cherry wood crib and it cause me to have a knot there on my forehead. Now for the past two months I've been nauseated and I have a headache every time I wake up. I'm definitely not pregnant.


Headache following head trauma is a very common occurrence. However, it is important that you schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor or neurologist, in order for him or her to review your clinical situation more thoroughly, perform a physical examination, and run any tests that may be appropriate. Having said that, it sounds as though you have had a concussion. A concussion occurs when head trauma results in movement of the brain within the skull so that it makes contact with the bony part of the cranium. This can cause a bruise on the brain surface and can even lead to a bleed within the brain. That is why it is important for you to be fully evaluated by your doctor. The effects of concussions can be long lasting, ranging from days to even many months and years. Typical symptoms of what is called post-concussive syndrome include nausea, headaches (which you are experiencing), difficulty concentrating, mood changes, including anxiety and depression, and problems with sleep. Although there are no definitive therapies for post-concussive syndrome, you can expect your symptoms to abate over time. The mainstay in treatment revolves around treating these symptoms rather than the underlying cause and may include medications to treat associated headaches or anti-depressants to treat any mood changes that may present following this type of head trauma. Again, it is important for you to make an appointment to see your doctor so that he or she can perform a complete evaluation and ensure that you have not incurred any of the more concerning consequences of a concussion, such as a bleed in your brain. Although this is very unlikely given that this occurred months ago, I would still recommend making an appointment for a full evaluation.

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