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"Will the knot on my forehead go away?"

ZocdocAnswersWill the knot on my forehead go away?


We just recently ended football season which was 4 months long. I had a helmet that fits but my head is shaped awkwardly. Anyway the pressure from the front of my helmet over those 12 weeks caused a big knot to be on my forehead. Practice lasted about 2-3 hours but i would have my helmet on, on and off. I was wondering from having the helmet tight on my forehead over the course of the whole season will the knot on my forehead eventually go away. It is a hard knot but when i touch it it is sore. We are three weeks removed from football season yet i don't see any improvement in its condition. I've read online that it might have calcified and is permanent, HOPEFULLY NOT! Do you think it will go down? By the way i appreciate any responses/help.


Thank you for your question. This is somewhat difficult to know for sure, because of the many different things that this could be, so I recommend discussing this with your doctor soon. If it is a swelling from a bruise, then there is sometimes the risk of the bruise calcifying, like you describe. If that is the case, it could be that this could become a permanent change, just as you are worried about. Based on your description, however, it seems confusing that this would be a bruise, though, and makes me instead worry that this could be many other things, possibly just including swelling of the soft tissue in the area that your helmet was rubbing, something more like a callous due to over exposure to repeated trauma at that site. If that is the case, then it could be that it improves with time and no helmet. There are lots of other things that it could be as well, and so you should speak with your doctor about it sooner rather than later. Some of the different things could react differently and potentially improve more quickly if they are treated more quickly, so please make an appointment to discuss this problem with your doctor soon.

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