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"How can I apply to opt in to residency surgery as a patient?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I apply to opt in to residency surgery as a patient?


I am looking for a Vasovasostomy, but I am very limited on funding. I'm in the US military and in a previous marriage I was convinced to get a Vasectomy. The Military no longer provides Vasovasostomys but I was encouraged to look for a residency. I am stationed in Japan so the location does not matter because I would have to fly there regardless.


Thanks for your question. i recommend that you speak with your doctor for more information. It appears that you are under the impression that having your surgery done by a resident would be a less expensive option. Residents are surgeons in training who operate under the direct supervision of a staff surgeon, or someone who is fully licensed to practice independently. While residents do some operating, in almost all cases it is under direct supervision of a staff physician. While there may be some exceptions where some elective procedures may be completed at a discounted price for patients who are willing to have work done only by residents, this model is becoming less common for a multitude of reasons. First, it is common that anesthesia and other medical treatment will need to be completed by licensed staff doctors, which is a significant portion of the cost of any surgery. While I am speaking to you about the fact that this sort of thing is uncommon, the best way to find if a practice does offer a discount for resident surgeries is to call hospitals with residency programs in urology. Most states have one or two such programs, and it is generally the largest hospital affiliated with the state university. Please speak with your doctor for more information, and to help decide if this would be the best option for you.

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