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"How long does it take for a testosterone blood test results to come in and is it a specialty test?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long does it take for a testosterone blood test results to come in and is it a specialty test?


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The answer to this question depends almost entirely on the laboratory that is performing the test, so I recommend that you speak with your doctor. The testosterone test itself is not all that long, it probably only takes a few hours at most. However, the question is how often does the lab run the test. For some of the specialty tests, they only get run once a day and sometimes less. If a technician runs the tests on Fridays, and your blood comes in on Friday afternoon, then you might miss the opportunity to have a blood test that day and would have to wait until Monday or later on the following week. I would suggest that you call the laboratory that is running the test and ask them. They will know the answer to the question. If you cannot get a hold of them, I suggest that you call your primary care doctor to ask him or her. In addition, I think that you should probably ask him or her why you are getting the testosterone blood test. Getting this blood test routinely is considered to be controversial. Personally, I do not order this test routinely because I do not think that it adds much to most of my patients care. I think it will be worth your while to discuss this with your doctor to make sure that the reasoning for this blood test is sound.

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